• There's a whole cocktail of reasons why I do it
  • I feel numb and detached
  • I'm angry at myself for any number of reasons
  • It's punishment if I feel I'm so disgusting (b/p)
  • It's a release from all the crap in my head
  • It keeps me from killing myself
  • There's so many scenarios and examples but I could be here writing forever. My head is a mess, my body is a mess and my life is a mess

Anonymous asked:

Why should I do to not feel so sick and tired all the time? I now that the feeling Is gonna be there but how can I make less obvious?

Eat real food. Slowly build up to a caloric intake that is HEALTHY. many people love you and want the best for you. And I hope you want the best for yourself too. Starving to death is not the best. Please dear, I want the best for you.

Anonymous asked:

Hi, a few days ago I started to starve again, everything was fine but then I started to feel terrible, really weak all day so my mom noticed and make eat and now I feel horrible cause I wasn't strong enough to lie about my physical state and continue

Sleep. Eat. Exercise (to a healthy point).

Don’t let this illness kill you.